Denim Family loyalty program in the online shop

• Loyal customers who have registered and logged in earn 5% bonus money from their purchase price after completing the purchase. 

• Bonus money that has been accrued can be used to get a discount on the next purchase.

• Bonus money can be used to pay for up to 30% of the total payable sum.

• Bonus money can be earned and used with products sold for full price as well as with those that are on sale.

• Bonus money is not earned from transportation costs.

• There is no obligation for the customer to use bonus money with each order; it can be collected and used to get a bigger discount later. For this purpose, the shopping bag has the option “Use bonus money”.

• Bonus money accrued within one calendar year will expire on March 31 of the next calendar year.

• The balance of bonus money can be checked in the online shop when logged in to one’s account.

• When an order is cancelled, the customer will be refunded the bonus money used when placing the order and the seller will be refunded the bonus money the customer earned with this order.  
If there is not enough bonus money on the customer’s account, the balance of the bonus money will become negative.

• If the customer has paid for transport and not all of the transportation costs are refundable, the amount paid for transportation will be first deduced from the bonus money used and only then, if necessary, will it be deduced from the sum actually paid.

Birthday discount

• 3 days prior to and 3 days after their birthday, a loyal customer has the right to get 10% discount on products sold for full prices. Bonus money is not earned from these purchases.

• Bonus money accrued can be used with the birthday discount.